If you’ve ever done something you’ve loved for long enough, you eventually start to grow a little tired of it day by day. It’s not because you love what you’re doing less, but you’re overworking your creative engines full time. This is not a practical solution.

“So, what is?”– Anonymous

Beats me, but this is what happened to my creative writing.


Motivation is great when you start to push yourself to doing new things every day. Thus, my motto for life, as Casey Neistat would put it, “DO MORE”.

This ‘pushing of yourself’ to being motivated wasn’t quite the problem, it was creating motivational content that decided to take a hit. Which is when I started to burn out.


It’s been hard getting back on the horse again, but I decided to do it my way.

Nonetheless, we’re not even close to shutting down the blog. In fact, I have a few plans that are going to be actioned out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. starting July 16 2018.

Image result for casey neistat







Hi there!

I’m Jeev- and this is my blog.

In a short span of under four years, I’ve grabbed the opportunity to work across industries and contribute in-depth to key leaders in the same.
My analytical mind allows me to move beyond the boundaries of my university degree, pushing to explore what lies beyond the line of sight- a skill that has been sharpened over time.

A 4x marathoner, 1x triathlete, photographer, blogger, independent investor, entrepreneur and a corporate maverick, I find myself enthused with the prospect of evolving in a career that incorporates consulting, corporate strategy and organisational restructuring at a leadership position. This blog is an expression of my sense of self and my sense of the society we live in.




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